Although we are well known manufacturer and supplier of power transmission parts for the manufacturing industry, did you know that we also supply or bespoke manufacture components for businesses and niche markets?

This particular application actually uses one of our stocked bearings - a 6300 2RS. The bearings have been incorporated into an M1 pull tested seat/bed which those into converting vans will know as Rock and Roll beds. Car seats are manufactured and bolted to a specially designed frame. When the bed is required, a mechanism on runners allows the seats to roll down and out, creating a large flat surface for a bed. Smooth operation of this opening and closing mechanism not only reduces the effort required in changing the seats position in manually operated systems, but it also adds to the overall high-quality feel of the Rock and Roll beds, which is an important factor considering how much the seats and bed are used in a camper van. The Challenge 6300 2RS bearings are used in this runner mechanism which also takes the tensile impact load should the vehicle be involved in an accident.

Although the manufacturer is only a small company, we are pleased that they chose Challenge and are proud that our product is camping out in bespoke vans all around the UK.