Phosphating of bushes is often used to cover up production marks and surface rust from careless manufacturing. This coating not only affects the final tolerances but also requires a long sequence that normally includes degreasing, water rinse, pickling in mineral acid, another water rinse, activation, manganese phosphating, water rinse and lubricating with special oils. Not only must this range of chemicals be manufactured, transported and disposed of after their useful lives, but they often find their way into local water supplies.

Challenge are one of only a few manufacturers to offer a precision, fully ground bush with tight tolerances and a high quality finish. We are the only company to follow the original Fenner* specification and have produced 100,000's of taper lock bushes under the Fenner* brand.

It is our policy to try and reduce the pollution caused by the production and transportation of all our products, as we believe that offering world class power transmission products does not have to cost the earth.

*All brand names and products are registered® by their respective owners. They are used here to show cross-product compatibility