Challenge South Africa recently supplied 10 sets of CMRV-063-150 units with an 1800:1 ratio, complete with 0.55kW 4 pole B5 electric motors and complete spares kits to a Tea processing plant. By standardising their drive systems to a single manufacturer, the plant is able to reduce the value of spares held within their stores whilst also benefiting from local stocks and expert technical support.

Worm gear speed reduction units are gear units that offer speed reduction from 7.5:1 up to 5000:1. For maximum speed reduction flexibility, Challenge worm gear units can be used in pairs (double reduction) as CMRV-CMRV or CRV-CMRV. Standard features include;

- A versatile range of modular aluminium bodied Worm Gear Drives with a large range of mounting positions.
- Meet industry standard for sizes and performance.
- Offered with hollow shafts, output shafts, motors, double reduction units, shaft mounting, torque arms.
- Interchangeable with Motorvario* units.
- Combinations of worm and helical gears offer great flexibility and very large speed reductions up to 5000 : 1
- Gears are manufactured from case hardened tempered steel (20MnCr5) and are accurately ground on the involute.

To complement our flexible range of worm gear units, Challenge also offer a range of IEC 60034 motors in frame sizes 56-200 for three phase in IE1, IE2 and IE3.