Challenge UK offer attachment roller chain assembled to order for quick despatch. Large stocks of chain are held in stock in both standard box lengths or on reels, together with a full range of standard attachment plates. By using the in-house riveting and assembly line, Challenge UK recently despatched a special 08B-1 chain, with an extended triplex pin every pitch and WSA2 attachments every 22nd outer. By using 08B-3 chain from a coil and removing the excess links, final coils were produced in 44 pitch lengths to ensure equal attachment spacing when the chains were assembled into a continuous length, simplifying installation.

The chain was used on a fully encased 'finger feed' unit which required accurate chain pitching and minimum maintenance. By using chain from a single reel, Challenge UK were able to supply chain from the same production batch which ensured minimal variations in chain pitch and did not require 'length matching' and 'tagging' like many other UK suppliers would need to offer.