conveyor chain
– High quality steels used throughout
  • Link plates cropped from high carbon cold drawn steel

    To avoid internal stresses associated with guillotined steel, Challenge produces all plates from high tolerance, on size, cold drawn steel bars resulting in a plate better able to withstand fatigue and shock loads.

  • Bushes with location shoulders and interference fit

    For precise assembly; control of inner width and prevention of bush rotation. Bush shoulder length extended to form clearance between inner and outer plates and provide uniform lubrication; increased strength and life. This reduces the possibility of chain seizure.

  • Case Hardened Alloy steel bushes precision machined from seamless tube

    Ensuring minimum distortion and superior concentricity.

  • Optional Stainless Steel or Nitride treated liner bushes
  • Hardened Rollers with grinding

    Grinding the outer diameter gives excellent wear resistance and good load carrying qualities plus reduced wear on sprockets and a better visual result.

  • Pins with location shoulders and interference fit

    Precise positioning of outer plates adds to strength whilst ensuring accuracy of attachment positioning.

  • Alloy Steel Seamless Tube used for all Hollow Pins

    For wear and shock resistance. Spin Riveted (not coned) for stronger rivet and reduced pin-end stress.

  • Spin Riveted Induction Hardened Pins in Alloy Steel

    For optimum life and the strongest rivet in any standard chain.

  • Holes precision punched on dedicated progression tooling

    Guarantees consistently high tolerance pitch control and strong, fatigue resistant chain.

    Attachment and options

    CNC welded and integral attachments, special bushes, bearings, Zinc and Nickel plated parts, molykoted pins, bushes and rollers. Plastic rollers, flanged rollers, hardened plates, stainless parts, liner bushes etc. All specials produced to the highest quality with a fast turnaround.

  • Shot Peened to produce a strong surface and reduce fatigue

    Challenge has invested heavily in CNC controlled machinery for optimum batch component conformity. Attachment plates jig assembled maintains position and squareness.

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