The Challenge range of shaft couplings incorporates the following industry standard models:
  • Up to 14675 Nm torque on 6 pole motors
  • Up to 4° angular misalignment
  • Up to 12° ‘wind up’ shock absorption
  • Can accommodate simultaneous maximum misalignment in all planes
  • Tyre can be changed without moving prime mover or driven machine
  • Visual inspection of tyre to detect wear
  • Zero backlash makes the FFX ideal for reversing duties as the load carrying cords are wound in both directions. Reversing drives are not a problem
  • Steel clamping rings used throughout the range for superior tyre/clamping ring grip
  • Fire resistant and anti static (FRAS) tyres available
  • No lubrication required
  • Taper bush and pilot bore flanges available

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  • Designed specifically for use with IEC motors
  • Torques up to 3150 Nm
  • Up to 1° angular misalignment
  • Good shock absorption properties
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Taper bush and Pilot bore flanges available
  • High grade cast iron hubs
  • Fail safe operation
  • Fully machined with curved jaw design. This reduces vibration and allows for increased shock loading
  • Designed to industry standard
  • High torque for size
  • Taper bore and pilot bore flanges
  • 92 shore (yellow) and 98 shore (red) elements available
  • Designed to industry standard
  • Available with three part flanges, thus allowing the segments to be changed without disturbing either the driving or driven shaft
  • High levels of torsional flexibility
  • High speed capability
  • Suit IEC electric motor applications
  • Taper bore and pilot bore flanges

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    CNM - New
  • Accomodates mis-alignment in the radial and axial direction
  • Synthetic rubber intermediate ring
  • Reduces shock, vibration and noise between the drive and driven system
  • Protects against drive resonance and shock loads
  • Available for shaft diameters from 7mm up to 95mm
  • 13Nm of torque transmission up to 1600Nm
  • Maximum 12500rpm through to 3000rpm
  • Available in Solid Hub or Finished Bore
  • Interchangeable with the Pb72 Shore A couplings
  • Full sizing details in the Product Flyers section below.

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  • International design
  • Low cost wide range of sizes from 16 mm to 127mm diameter
  • High torque capacity
  • Bores from 12 mm to 150 mm diameter
  • Fully sealed casing with ‘O’ rings

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