Taper Roller Bearings

Available in both metric and imperial (inch) sizes

  • Gcr15 high carbon chromium bearing steel is the standard material for bearing rings and rollers
  • Supplied with a low noise bearing grease thickened by lithium and calcium 12 – hydroxystearate, made from deeply refined mineral oil with rust inhibitors and anti oxidants. This grease has excellent noise reducing ability, mechanical stability and does not contain any heavy metal or nitrate that will harm health or pollute the environment.
  • Standard temperature range -20 to +120 degrees centigrade
  • Other lubricants available on request
  • Stainless steel shields are available
  • Seals are Buna Nitrile and fluorocarbon, silicon and Teflon seals are available for special applications
  • Retainers for corrosive environment, misalignment or high speed applications are available in stainless steel, nylon or phenolic resins

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